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Fun Stuff
My Show with a Hollywood Pitch.
The Pitch is everything in Hollywood. Thank goodness I'm in Illinois.

Lost Scene from "The Empire Strikes Back".
Vader had lots more to say to Luke than just that "I'm your Father" stuff.

Star Trek: Voyager Plot Generator.
Randomly computer generate a Voyager Story.

Sexy Cartoon Babes!
It certainly ain't no Smurfs.

The Diary of
Grand Moff Tarkin.

But who is Lauren?

Differences between Network Executives and Science-Fiction Fans.
If you don't laugh, you're not a Sci-Fi Fan.

The Day I Whacked too many Ewoks.
What the Hell?

You know you're an American Doctor Who Fan when...
Things are different if you're British.

The Sci-Fi Hokey Pokey.
That's what it's all about.

Robert Beltran Gripe Generator.
Now you too can bitch like Robert Beltran.

Robert Beltran Gripe Generator.

Click Here for the Gripe Generator.
(Opens New Window)

Each time you click 'Reload' in the new Window you can read a computer generated Robert Beltran Gripe about Voyager and its creative staff, just like the real ones Beltran has done so many times.

Actual Authentic Robert Beltran Gripes:
(Collect all 872)

(Gripe #482) Robert Beltran on his scenes -
"When you're given these throwaway scenes with not much thought put into who's saying it and its importance to the whole story - and I'm talking mostly about seasons five and six here - it just makes me feel like the writers don't care. Therefore the producers don't care, therefore the show isn't that important, therefore why am I busting my ass trying to make this stupid scene worth anything?"

(Gripe #543) Robert Beltran on his character -
"Although they come up with a scene here or there that's tolerable, I think the character has not progressed since season four. In fact, he may even have regressed a little."

(Gripe #037) Robert Beltran on his character again -
"I just felt let down, ignored and insulted. I think they did a grave disservice to what I thought could have been an interesting character."

(Gripe #667) Robert Beltran on the destruction of Kes in "Fury" that caused much fan outcry -
"What they asked her to do with her character, I didn't understand. I think our writers are that far from brain damaged. I don't get them. But we were happy to have her. She's great. We love Jennifer. I wish she had never left the show; she's a really fine actress. But it was just the same old indication of our writers and producers having their head firmly up their collective ass. Sorry, kids. You see, this will all get back to them. That's why I'm saying it. That's fine. Maybe they'll let me go by the middle of the season. I'll be a regular on ER or something."

(Gripe #245) Robert Beltran on his scripts -
"I wouldn't say I had a bitter taste about the show, but it makes me a lot less caring about the show when the writers don't seem to care about all the cast. When that happens, I check out right away and give as little as possible emotional involvement as I can. So I would have to say, honestly, that for probably the last two or two and a half years, I haven't quite read a full Voyager script. It's not necessary, because I already know what's going to happen. I don't want to put myself to the aggravation."

(Gripe #802) Robert Beltran on the series finale -
"This is what we're going out with?"

(Gripe #769) Robert Beltran on the series finale again -
"I was right, [the writers] are idiots. So I feel vindicated but unfortunately, you're going to have to sit through it."

(Gripe #798) Robert Beltran on the series finale again -
"Frankly, I donít think [the writers] really cared what happened at the end. Voyager has been the ugly step-child of the Star Trek family, and thatís the way weíve been treated. Weíre also the only show thatís had to carry a whole network [UPN]"

(Gripe #827) Robert Beltran on the series finale again -
"[...] The ratings are down because itís not being seen by as many people in the world who could see "ER". Then they took it out on us by saying 'This showís no good. Let's get it over with as quickly as possible so we can fix it for the next one."

(Gripe #806) Robert Bealtran on the series finale again -
"I was very disappointed. [...] From mid season onwards I kept waiting for them to start making a move towards wrapping up some of these story arcs, but they didn't.[...] [This] was meant to be about nine people on the ship, trying to get through some really extraordinary circumstances. Frankly, I'm not sure what it ended up being about."

(Gripe #812) Robert Beltran on the series finale again -
"[They] had a whole year to prepare, but they waited until the final two episodes to fix things. To me, thatís just a symptom of their uncaring cavalier attitude towards the show."

And the funny part is it's all TRUE! Beltran has always been right.

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