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Welcome to First TV Drama.com. A website to gather support for a Science-Fiction Television Series I created and am exploring the options of getting it into production.

Created in 1989, I started doing research on how to get it into production in 1997 and started writing the Business Plan in 2003. The Business aspects of it are solid and sound as I struggle to get around closed minded people who actually believe "only Hollywood can produce a TV show".

Originally researched for PBS, many new avenues opened up starting in March 1997 with the premiere of DVDs, beginning with the first television series released on DVD ("The X-Files") in May 2000. In October 2005, Apple ITunes made possible the purchase and downloading of television series, among the very first was the science-fiction series "Lost". This was immediately followed by streaming on demand. Both the Motion Picture Association and Pew Research shows more than half of American homes have broadband capable of downloading and streaming television shows. Within less than 10 years of the premiere of DVD (1997) already half the science-fiction series ever made had been released on DVD (and rising). At least 68% (and rising) of all hour-long science-fiction series have seen second-run syndication on cable, all of which are available through Dish services such as one of the Dish Network Packages, which are currently in 14 million homes. In 2009, television switched from analog to digital, allowing network and cable stations to multiply with secondary channels which continue to broadcast science-fiction programs to fill air-time.

Unfortunately, being Science-Fiction means numerous unnecessary obstacles are being placed in my path. You can help clear that path by generating fan support while my proposal is being submitted to certain people who can play a part in moving these forward into production.

- Richard Whettstone.

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I have a solid Business Plan written.

Illinois has the largest television and movie production tax credit in the entire United States of America and one of the largest television and movie production tax credits in the entire world, yet astonishingly, I am STILL struggling to get around closed minded people who refuse to take a television production in Illinois seriously (even after recent productions have been to nearby towns or even in their own town itself). After declaring themselves to be "community leaders" and "economic development experts", they have actually flat-out told me "People around here are too stupid to do these types of jobs." I've also caught some lying to me. Other than the stigma of it being a "TV Show", not a single one of them will tell me a legitimate reason why they refuse to do their job (unless you want to count their claim that the local populations being "too stupid" as a legitimate reason).

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NOTE: I probably won't add any of the missing Star Trek: Enterprise Reviews.

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