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Series One: The Science-Fiction Series
Introductory look at the Science-Fiction Series.

The Aliens.
General info on the Aliens.

The Robots.
General info on the Robots.

The main space Vehicle.
General info on the Space Vehicle.

The Characters.
General info on the Characters.

The Stories.
General info on how the Stories will be implemented.

Episode Guide.
General info on the planned First Season.

Cool Things to Ponder.
Cool things about my show, listed five at a time.
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6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25

Our Previews.
Fixing Star Trek's problems, one preview at a time.

The Honored Dead.
Actors I wanted who died already.

The Thrill of Illinois.
Where my show would be produced.

Proof a Large Cast can work.
Examples from other Television Series.

TV Series Premiere Announcements.
Compare what I am giving you to what little they gave you.

What is a Presentation Film?
How some shows began.

Letterbox Format Explanation.
What's with those black bars?

The main Space Vehicle

The Science-Fiction Series is set in Space in the future on the main Space Vehicle.

I can't put much detailed information here about the Vehicle, including any drawings or pictures, until after we're further along financially for Copyrights and Trademarks.

The main Space Vehicle is six months old by episode one. It was constructed quite recently as one in an independant series of space vehicles. The main Space Vehicle was built by and is ran by humans. And unlike that other show, we didn't stop building them after "5".


As with any television program set on a ship, including SeaQuest DSV seen at right, a very great deal of the action takes place on the Bridge.

We would have tons of computer consoles on the Bridge, but the majority of them are hidden within the walls and floors until needed. Otherwise, they would just be cluttering up space most of the time. This is something unusual and not really seen before. Imagine if the consoles on the Enterprise were concealed most of the time and pulled out from the walls only when needed.

Sir, Darwin's attacking the President's ship again!
SeaQuest DSV bridge.


Although our vehicle performs functions essential to the expansion of the human race, most people don't consider it anywhere as important as a real starship in the eyes of many. It's not like a real starship like the Star Trek starship Enterprise shown right. Our vehicle doesn't go as far, it's not as busy most of the time, and not as powerful. But it's essential; starships relay to it frequently especially with cargo and passengers, and its mass is greater than a starship. If we were to ram the Enterprise, McKinley Station would be busy for awhile.

Although our vehicle is the flagship of its line, it was actually the second launched in the series of them. The first was launched in early December. This particular one was supposed to be launched shortly after. The Engineers thought they could beat Christmas but they couldn't, launching it just before New Year's. A temporary skeleton crew stayed with it as it journeyed to a point in space where they left as the main crew gradually boarded from various places.

The Lt. Commander was the first to board.

Wesley, get away from that Console!
Starship Enterprise.
Flagship of the


We don't have stuff like magical transporters. We use Shuttlecrafts.

"WE" use Shuttlecrafts to go from place to place. Star Trek uses Shuttlecrafts only when the writers need to crash one to create a jeopardy for the crew.

Star Trek Shuttlecraft.


During the Series, we will be coming across alien planets and encountering technologically advanced aliens in space. Sometimes these encounters don't go good. When that happens, permenant battle damage can result. On occasion, we have opportunities to add to the vessel, expanding its content and capabilities.

Was Neelix on that Deck?  No?  Damn.
Star Trek Voyager
experiences some alternate
timeline Battle Damage.


Our main space vehicle has numerous smaller detachable components of it, including ships, both built and housed as part of its structure, and some separate stored in a hangar bay.

Of seven seasons of Star Trek: Next Generation, we never saw the Captain's Yacht used once. Most people don't know it's even there. In Generations, that was the first time the Saucer Section had been separated from the Stardrive since they rescued Picard just after Wolf 359.

On Star Trek: Voyager, they built the Delta Flyer even though Voyager has a winged drop-ship on its underbelly, and now that the show is pretty much over, we will never see it either. This winged drop ship is also known by fans as an "aerowing shuttle" or the "AeroShuttle".

Starship Enterprise's
forgotten Captain's Yacht.

Star Trek Voyager
Starship Voyager's
Elusive Winged Drop Ship.

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