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Series One: The Science-Fiction Series
Introductory look at the Science-Fiction Series.

The Aliens.
General info on the Aliens.

The Robots.
General info on the Robots.

The main space Vehicle.
General info on the Space Vehicle.

The Characters.
General info on the Characters.

The Stories.
General info on how the Stories will be implemented.

Episode Guide.
General info on the planned First Season.

Cool Things to Ponder.
Cool things about my show, listed five at a time.
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6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25

Our Previews.
Fixing Star Trek's problems, one preview at a time.

The Honored Dead.
Actors I wanted who died already.

The Thrill of Illinois.
Where my show would be produced.

Proof a Large Cast can work.
Examples from other Television Series.

TV Series Premiere Announcements.
Compare what I am giving you to what little they gave you.

What is a Presentation Film?
How some shows began.

Letterbox Format Explanation.
What's with those black bars?

The Robots

Most people connect Robots to Science-Fiction, yet very few Science-Fiction Series have actually had any robots, including Babylon 5 and all incarnations of Star Trek. The series Earth 2 seems to be the only series within the last five years to have a robot as a pivotal character (the Zero Unit).

During the first two seasons of my Science-Fiction Series, at least FIVE distinct different robots will be introduced within the first 21 episodes. These are both robots with sentience and robots who fall into the category of "equipment".

Star Wars Probe Droid
Star Wars Probe Droid.

Transformers Optimus Prime
Transformers Optimus Prime.

One of the first robots we see is a cross between a Star Wars Probe Droid and a Transformer, both seen at left. These probe robots belong to an alien race, and operate in a similiar manner to SeaQuest's WSKR's, exploring out the area of space ahead or around you, including alien planets. In space they're very fast and maneuverable, making them a hard target to hit. They can land on planets and transform into a robot to move around. The first major encounter we have with one is in Episode 6.

These transforming probe robots eliminate those scenes you would have seen on Star Trek where they can tell exactly what's out there by asking Wesley to read his console. And anything that removes Wesley out of the picture is good.

Battlestar Galactica's Muffy
Battlestar Galactica Muffy.
Babylon 5 had the production slogan "No kids or cute robots ever". Our Ensigns break the "No Kids" rule. And I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Episode 4 in the first season breaks the "No cute Robots" rule also, when one of the last two main characters are introduced - a robot. Imagine Muffy from Battlestar Galactica armed with a weapons system, and you've got what we have.

Photo Not Available Episode 5 finds us trying to stop a robot that we inadvertently bring onboard in this suspenseful action episode. The robot manages to cause a lot of damage. The fact that it takes us awhile to figure out what it's up to doesn't make things easier either.

The design of this robot is so original, I can't even find a robot that even remotely looks like it to compare it to.

The Black Hole
Disney's The Black Hole.
The main space vehicle itself has an Engineering Robot among its equipment. A hovering robot, it's similiar in shape to the robots seen in Disney's The Black Hole.

Several series have had robots that rome the ship maintaining it. On Star Wars we've often seen those little black box robots rolling around on the floors of the Death Star. Red Dwarf has the Scutters, and Andromeda has stupid looking robots (men in spandex) seen randomly in the background. But unlike these, we only have just one, and it doesn't maintain the station for us, but rather acts as an assistant if we need it. It also talks. We'll see it by Episode 6 at the latest into the series.

Earth 2's Zero Unit
Earth 2's Zero Unit.
In the second season, a line of robots will be introduced. Merely "merchandise", they are a product that we learn can be bought by anyone, no different than a brand of car. In structure they are a cross between the Zero Unit on Earth 2 and Blastarr the Bio-Dread on Captain Power. There are at least four different versions of this robot built for different functions, signified by their color. The red version is armed with weaponry. They make their first appearance in Episode 15 and Episode 16, a two-part episode lined up to be the second season premier.

NONE of the robots above are "Aliens-of-the-week".
Every one will be seen numerous times throughout the series.

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