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Series One: The Science-Fiction Series
Introductory look at the Science-Fiction Series.

The Aliens.
General info on the Aliens.

The Robots.
General info on the Robots.

The main space Vehicle.
General info on the Space Vehicle.

The Characters.
General info on the Characters.

The Stories.
General info on how the Stories will be implemented.

Episode Guide.
General info on the planned First Season.

Cool Things to Ponder.
Cool things about my show, listed five at a time.
1 to 5
6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25

Our Previews.
Fixing Star Trek's problems, one preview at a time.

The Honored Dead.
Actors I wanted who died already.

The Thrill of Illinois.
Where my show would be produced.

Proof a Large Cast can work.
Examples from other Television Series.

TV Series Premiere Announcements.
Compare what I am giving you to what little they gave you.

What is a Presentation Film?
How some shows began.

Letterbox Format Explanation.
What's with those black bars?


On my Science-Fiction series (Show 1), there will be several characters featuring disabilities of some kind.

Deaf Character:
One of the large cast of main characters is deaf. This is extra-ordinarily rare to have a main character on a television program who is deaf. Only two other series have had main deaf characters, and a third has a recurring character. My program would be only the third series to have a deaf main character and the fourth to have any deaf character at all. Find out about the other three programs Here.

Missing-Limb Character:
At least one of the large cast of main characters on my Science-Fiction series is missing a limb. We would actually hire an actor missing a limb. This is an incredible concept for Hollywood who is obsessed with faking it, as the bulk of these Examples Here shows.

Blind Character:
Although every disabled character on my Science-Fiction series would actually be played by disabled actors, on my Blind Girl series (Show 2) the actress who would play the Blind Girl would not actually be blind, and would be the only actor on my two shows who would be faking it. This choice was made for a variety of reasons that can't be explained here. However, the number of blind main characters on television series are so rare, my program would be one of a very few to even attempt such a thing. Find out about the history of blind characters on television and movies Here.

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